Mix console : how to get Nuage layout (no faders) ?

While reading this testimony about Nuage, I noticed that the faders don’t appear on screen wich is great.
I have a setup with multiple screens and multiple control surfaces and I sure could use a mix console without those redundant and screen estate voracious faders. More sections opened, using the channel strips, seing sends and inserts, etc.
You can see it here, here and there.

I 've looked in Nuendo 6 but can’t find any fader hiding function anywhere.
Is it a special Nuendo Nuage version that is shown on these photos ?
Are we back to Cubase Audio for Yamaha DSP factory years ?

Surely not… So where’s the hide faders function please ?


I asked a friend of mine a similar question after seeing a picture of his new studio setup with a Nuage, he told me that it is the “Nuage software” So it is exclusive to Nuage.

Ahh… :frowning:
Thanks a lot John for your answer, even though I don’t like the sound of it…

I think that would be a nice option to have, deselect faders, I use 20 fader Tango and really don’t need to see them on the screen as well, would much rather be able to expend the rack all the way to the bottom of the screen

That’s a really good idea, don’t think it would take much to implement either, just have a little ‘x’ on the mixer fader section to hide it.

You do know that you can drag them smaller height wise since V6?


Yes Norbury, but I really dig the Nuage way. When you reduce the fader to the minimum allowed, you still “waste” screen estate and I’d rather use this for equalizer curves for instance.
And faders/meters + meter bridge is a somehow redundant option.
With control surfaces, mimicking the faders graphically is an unnecessary leftover of old times IMO.

I’m sure the solution you described (the little cross to close the fader section) would be fairly simple to implement.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, and that’s somehow to be expected when you have your head up in the Nuages, but my feet remain firmly on the ground. :wink:

I’d also like this option


posted this a while ago.