Mix Console is not sticking to second monitor

I have a template that has the Arrange window on one monitor and the Mixer window on a second monitor. When I open my template now, the Mixer and Arrange window are both full screen on monitor 1. If I recall my Workspace preset, again the mixer is on the first monitor instead of the second. I started seeing this in 8.5 and it’s still there in Cubase 9. Any ideas?

I work the same way (arrange in left monitor and mix console in right monitor) and everything is fine in C9 as it was in C8.5.

I suggest you reset your preferences.


Look at this
Maybe you have my same problem

Yes, the mixer is maximized. Must be the same bug.

I tried minimizing the mixer a few pixels each way and it works now. Thanks for the workaround, hopefully this is addressed soon.


Yes, this is an known issue.

Here also. If i save workspaces with the mixer maximized on the second monitor, it jumps back to the first monitor when i load that workspace.