Mix Console - Key Command for Fader Volumes

Anybody know if there is a way to set a keyboard command for the mix console fader volumes ?. . . ie. you select a fader and use the + or - keys to toggle the faders incrementally up and down . . . I did a bunch of searches in the new searchable keyboard commands, but couldn’t see anything for mix console faders

Haven’t checked if it still works in 13, but it’s “Primary Parameter” increase/decrease, fine increase/fine decrease you’re looking for.

Thanks for responding, but can’t get primary parameter to work, but I just noticed the mouse scroll wheel toggles the mix console faders incrementally, so maybe that’s the way to go . . . but would prefer the key command.

I would think that by the time you have the cursor on the fader to select it it would make more sense to just continue to use the cursor (mouse/trackball) instead of using a key command.


Yes, as I said I haven’t checked this in 13 yet, but up until now, we needed to have keyboard focus on the relevant channel for the command to work, but as @MattiasNYC said, if you’re there already, might as well keep using the mouse.

The only use I ever had for this command was when I was using a laptop (I’m very trackpad challenged), together with some AHK scripts. In that case, it was useful, especially with Q-Link.

Thanks guys . . . I’ll re-program my brain to use the mouse scroll, it does make more sense now that it’s discovered . . .