Mix Console: Lock properties option

I seem to spend an awful lot of time configuring the Mix Console from one project to another. Please can we have a ‘Lock Properties’ option that is global?

Anyone here actually have a use for stretching track widths/heights during a project? (Except, perhaps, to reveal the name of a channel?).

100x yes… I want 1 setup for all my projects!


mixer zoom is a waste. I want two sizes, wide for tracking, narrow for mixing. The new narrow is not nearly narrow enough by the way.

excatly one setup is all I need

I downloaded the Demo and latest update last night.

First thoughts…what have they done? Is this all for the benefit of the folks with touch screens?..Really?

Next thought…if i was to stick with this…WHERE IS THE LOCK OPTION FOR THE MIXER! :laughing:

So stick me down for another +1 for this.

I’m not saying C7 is bad…far from it, for the most part it seems like great upgrade, it just needs some more refinements (Mixer needs more thought, Text is not crisp like before etc etc) before i upgrade!


The zooming mixer is sooooo annoying. I can’t tell you how many times I want to zoom in the project window only to find that I have zoomed the mixer instead. Such a glorious waste of time. :unamused:
Please SB add the option to lock the mixer.


It’s cool to have at least an option to keep things at the place we want it to. All across projects. That would give back a little bit of a hardware feeling. Something that’s reliable.