Mix Console missing bridge, racks etc

Help please. Using version 10 pro, all I have in the mix console view are the sliders. I’ve searched through the manual for ‘racks’ ‘rack view’ ‘phase’ and others and I can’t see how to get the full view of the console display to come back. It’s even disappeared from the console view in previous projects. I’m sure, as always, it’ll be in the manual somewhere, in a phrase that I haven’t searched for.


In the upper-right corner, there is a button with cog wheel. Not the most right one, but the one on the left from it (Setup Window Layout). Click on it and enable Channel Racks.


Probably the only drop down I didn’t try, given that in the main settings ‘racks’ were selected. :confused:

A serious piece of advice to everybody (except for the OP): Relying on “try” approaches in a complex application (like fumbling around on your cellphone) is not a time-saver.
To get an overview of the manual is highly recommended . the OP did. Many dont.

Having said that: of course one can sometimes miss something even when reading the manual.