Mix Console mixed up...

Hi! I don’t understand the set-up of my mix console in that project. Why some instruments are not labelled and why they do not appear in the Instrument VST tag? Any clue someone?

Thank you for your help (I’m relatively new to Dorico…)


This does not look quite right? Does it play right?
I would suggest that you load the playback template again from the play menu in play mode (HSSE+HSO(Pro) I suppose) and see if things turn right!

I did’nt start that project from a template. In fact, this projet is .xml importation from MuseScore. Later on, in Dorico, I added an organ, which is why the instrument appears in the MIDI tab. Maybe that explain everything and if so, I really don’t know what to do to make the instruments appearing in the Instrument VST and have them a label…

I would agree that Marc’s advice to choose Play > Playback Template and choose the default playback template again; that should hopefully set everything up in the Mixer sensibly for you.

Thank you Marc and Daniel for your help. I managed to fix the problem by choosing HSSE (Elements) in Modèle de lecture (Lecture menu) and it made the mix console set-up right. But in order to have the right instruments playing I then had to select HSSE+HSO (Pro) again. The playback is ok, but the MIDI tag of the Mixing console is still confusing… Also, there are strange question marks besides Clarinette I and Clarinette II in the Lecture screen. Attached are images of my set-up to help you understand.


What are the full staff labels for your clarinets, as they appear in Setup mode in the Players panel and in Write mode?

Hi Daniel. Here is the staff label for Clarinette I. Clarinette II has the same staff label. The drop down menu is set to «Indications de portée» (some items are not translate in french though). Hope this help.