Mix Console on secondary monitor

i would like to post a bug, regarding using Mix console - shortcut F3, when i move the console to secondary monitor, set up the console, close mix console window and press F3 again it will open the mix console back on my primary first monitor.
It happens on all cubase 8 version updates.

in version 7 there was something like “stay on top” and everytime it opened on the same place.

i am on iMac 27" late 2010, osx Yosemite, 16gb ram,

Thanks for solving this issue.


the same with latest update, 8.0.30
ios 10.10.5


Please, post it to the Issue reports forum.

You need to save it as a Workspace. Try reading the Operation Manual, ‘Workspaces’, p. 1028

No, the window should always appears at the position, where you close it, if you close-reopen it. It can appears on the different position, if you call any Workspace, only.

Posted as requested, but i can not see the issue posted on the forum.
Hope developer can see it. still not working…