Mix Console-Project Page linking glitch

Cubase 10.5. Windows10
I am dealing with a Mix Console-Project Page glitch wherin soloing an instrument in the Mix Console causes Cubase to mute the corresponding track on the Project page.
This project page track muting over rides the soloing of said track in the Mix Console. Consequently that soloed track cannot be heard in the Mix Console.
In this state it makes setting levels using the M.C. impossible.
Now I know that this cannot be normal behavior.
But so far I can find nothing in either the manual or in utube videos to address this glitch of mine.
Is there not a way in Cubase 10.5 (a Preference?) to link the Project Page or Mix Console functions like muting, soloing, making track selections etc. so that the Mix Console functions are replicated (Q LINKED?) on the Project Page?
Thanks, and Merry Xmas out there!

On my system the project tracks and mixer channels are linked (10.5 Pro on Win10) – except for “mute” on Instrument tracks. However, “solo” seems to be linked even on Instrument tracks/channels for me and so are the volume faders.

EDIT: I just double checked and after re-loading Retrologue in it’s Instrument track, the mute button is now also linked. That was a weird one :thinking:

Thanks Nico. I ‘m not sure where to go here. I am using Rack midi instruments, I am using Key Commanded independent Project, Key Edit etc windows and using "F3’ to access the Mix Console.
There must be a name for this linking function that is not linking, which leaves me in a bind towards finding info on it.

Oh - I didn’t check Rack midi instruments - since I’ve been using Instrument Tracks- let me check right now …

When using a Rack instrument and midi tracks there isn’t a clean 1 to 1 relationship between the Project Midi track and the Audio Channel in the mixer. e.g. you can have 2 or more midi tracks ending up in the same Audio channel (via the Rack instrument).

To get more intuitive syncing up between Project Tracks and Mixer Channels, you may want to consider using Instrument tracks.

Hi again Nio5.
I work in rchestral music mostly, 64 Instrument Tracks doesn’t begin to cover a template. Midi into racks gives a option for 1054 instruments. Using Expression Maps creates an even greater number. I do not think that Expression Maps will work with Instrument Tracks, tho I have not tested that personally.
The moving option here is always redesigning templates for VEP and then using Instrument tracks pe insert in VEP, but that is a lot of down time to reset the enormity of routing all over again, plus there seem to be some new issue with VEP and Cubase now, just started up yesterday I guess.
Thank you though for your input.
Lastly, is there no way in Cubase to link the project page and Mix Console pages so that when I select a track in the Mix Console, solo it, that will be simultaneously executed in the Project page track?
Thanks again!

It really should be working that pushing solo in the project window also activates solo in the mixer window. even for midi tracks.

I’ve read the term “sync” used at times for making the same thing happen in the project and mixer windows.

Are you using an external control surface by any chance? And/or are you making use of Key Commands and/or Macros? Theoretically I could imagine that there could be oddball scenarios arising from that type of remote control. - At least I’ve gotten myself into the occasional trouble with mapping errors.

Also : Is VEP a single instrument or is it a multi-channel type of plugin? I’m just curious to try to emulate your scenario without having VEP.

EDITED (to add screen snap of my settings)