Mix console Racks & Channel Visibility Configurations

In a Mix Console, the selected Rack Types are stored in a Channel Visibility Configuration.
Changing the visible Rack Types does not register as a change to this Channel Visibility Config and the option Update Configuration is therefor greyed out.
To be able to update an existing CVC, one would have to perform some additional action, such as toggling Hide/Show for a track, in order to gain access to the Update command.

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What is meant by “Rack Type”?

I’ve noticed Update is not what is saving anything related to racks, it’s Link Sections to Configurations in the Rack Settings. Which according to the manual saves Rack ‘status’, which isn’t defined anywhere to no one’s surprise. What I am noticing it saves is the status of a rack’s expansion and it’s vertical position, but not it’s “Show [rack type] as…” status. I also notice between saved Configurations, Link Sections… can become unchecked.
As an aside, I think using the different Mixconsoles is intended for different rack configurations, so I’m not sure why there is overlap in these two functions because CVC feels incomplete if its function is to be as is stated in the manual. Perhaps if the different Mixconsoles were as handily accessible as the CVC or if the CVC was expanded to fully include rack configurations, usability would be greatly increased.

I’m not sure if we are talking about the same thing here, but the selection of what racks are visible, is most definitely stored in a Channel Visibility Configuration.
My issue with CVC is that if you change what types of Racks are visible, Cubase fails to recognize that as a change of the currently selected CVC. This means that if you wish to Update this CVC after changing the Racks, you must first perform an action that Cubase sees as a change of the current CVC. Once you’ve done that, you the Update command becomes available and you can store your change.

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Ah, yes it does store the rack type visibility as you sate. It also fails to store the display options, if available, for a given rack type even with the workaround that you observed. Most definitely a bug/oversight even for the visibility of rack type alone.