Mix console strip color

Hi just wanted to know if i can change the mix console strip background colour from grey as i have seen the console with black background.
see attachment …
Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 17.48.24.png

Try going to File> Preferences> Editing> Project & MixConsole.

There should be the option there to click on one of those grey squares and open the colour dialog to change it.

Hi Telogic,

I’m having the same problem with the ugly useless grey background in the MixConsole!!
I’m still on 7.02 for that reason only!
Been trying to fix it, since my Update to 7.5, but sadly no luck yet!

I will Update to 7.5.20 to see if that changes anything, but I dont think so!
The only thing I can think of, is the new options in the preference menu regarding the MixConsole have altered my preference colour scheme setup somehow…

Any help and ideers would be most welcome!!
Sorry I could’nt help…

I’ll post if I figure it out, or the Update to 7.5.20 makes a difference!!

In 7.5 go to preferences/appearances/ colours / general
Change your basic colour (select from the palette)
Click apply. You will get a message saying that the changes won’t be applied until you restart Cubase.
However, the colour will change in the project inspector and the visibility part of mix console, but not in the mixer section.
Exit Cubase 7.5 and then restart.
Should work.


Yeah ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What Neil said!

That’s what I was trying to say a few posts up, but my Cubase computer is in another room, so I was going by memory.