Mix console transport bar buttons missing

Hi everybody,
I’m a new user of Cubase 9.5 pro, and have a problem:
If I open an old project (Elements 9) or an empty one, the Mix console has no transport bar buttons, I can right click in a tiny space above the channels and I see the voices but cannot use them, only select/unselect them.
If I open a new preset (the ones like multi-channel recording) it’s okay, but I have a lot of projects saved and the empty one is very useful.
Is I use Ctrl+Alt+U I can open the whole thing (racks, sends…), but still no buttons on top.
I attach a pic to show, thank you everyone in advance.


Open Window > Windows. Select MixConsole in that window on the right side, and click to Reset Layout.

Thank you Martin, it worked!

Thanks, this worked for me also and has been added to my bug workaround notepad :smiley: