Mix console vertical zoom adjustments problem


I am running Cubase Elements 8.0.40 on Mac OS 10.11.6 on a Mac Mini with a VGA screen running off Thunderbolt and an HDMI TV screen.

I am either missing something or I have an odd problem with the Mix Console which I cannot seem to fix.

The Mix Console will not fill the window vertically so there is the bottom 40% of the window which is black and unusable. I cannot drag the channels part of the screen down to fill the screen therefore giving virtually no room to my racks and so I have to use the channel edit window or inspector to access my inserts. I can drag the middle line between the windows up or down but that gives me no rack or little rack only. It wasn’t like this before but seems to have been a problem for a few weeks.

Please someone tell me I am missing something. Is there a key I should be holding down to make the faders section move down the page?

I just ditched my preferences and this has made no difference.



Hi and welcome,

Reset your Cubase preferences, please.

Hi Martin
Thanks for your post.
As per the last line of my post I had already trashed my preferences to no avail.
How will this work if it didn’t last time?
Thanks very much

I see, sorry. I overlooked this.

Do you have any older Cubase version installed? If yes, rename also to previous versions preferences folder. If you don’t do this, Cubase migrates the preferences from the older Cubase version.It seems, this issue sits in the older Cubase preferences version already and you Cubase 8 just migrates it.

Hi Martin

Thanks for your prompt response. I may have a Cubase 5 on this machine also, I will check and see if ditching these preferences also will work.

Thanks again.



Cubase 5 preferences shouldn’t affect Cubase 9. Only two major versions are taken in account. So the chain would necessary by C5 migrated to C7 with the issue already and C7 migrated to C9. But C5 had totally different Mixer…

So at the end I’m afraid this will not help.


I migrated from 5 to 8 which is what I am running now. Any other ideas?


Could you send a screenshot, please?

Could you try Reset Window Layout from the Window > Windows menu?