Mix Console window issue

I’ve been working on 10.5 projects in v11. I use a 3 monitor setup. 11 won’t open 10.5 projects in the last saved state, won’t save the last state when reopen. I can drag windows to different monitors ok. Can’t create a working workspace either. Mix Console is the Biggest offender. If it’s placed on monitor 2/3 and you toggle the icon it places itself full screen on monitor 1. Same on reopen.

A senior member had the same issue previously and it seemed to have cleared itself. So there’s maybe/probably a trigger or preference I’m unaware of?
Mix Console - Control Room - Audio Performance are the only windows for me being contrary.
Not an terrible problem, but for me having a self diagnosed borderline OCD I definitely don’t need another repetitive routine. Anyone?


Unfortunately saving MixConsole to a 2nd screen doesn’t work reliable since the new Workspace management has been introduced. And it’s even worse, if you have 3 screens. If you are on Windows, it doesn’t make it better. I remember, there is even something with the maximised window. Like, if the MixConsole is maximised, then it’s even more bugy.

Myself, I have my default workspace, which I always call once the project is loaded. I mean, in general, I have multiple workspaces and I just switch them when I don’t get the window layout I would expect/I need to.

I tried to create a workspace as a work around but it wouldn’t place the mix Console full screen on my second monitor…

My workaround, that works for me (Mojave, 3 screens): I keep the the project window on the central screen, mixing console on the right and midi editor on the left. Everything maximized.
I use few workspaces but mainly I switch a lot on the left screen between midi editor and a second mixing console with a different view compared of the first mixing console I have on the right screen.
Just putting one thing on one screen and some on the others doesn’t work, but if I have all the things I need behind, and then I save the workspace, it switch to the correct view.

For instance, as for above, on the left screen I need to switch between a second mixing console and midi editor. So, in the workspace where I need the midi editor I put the midi editor and behind, fully maximized, the second mixing console, and I save the workspace. Then, in the workspace where I need the second mixing console, I put behind the midi editor. When I switch workspace it works as expected.

Hopefully that helps.

Sorry, but who the hell beta tests for Steinberg ? Someone who doesn’t close and open the mixer at least once?