mix consoles - lock posistion

Greetings All
i am trying to use multiple mix consoles to simulate console hardware.
in this case a 48 channel frame.
Example - mixer 2 is ch 1 -24
mixer 3 is ch 25-48

I would like those mixers to remain static in position
Currently if I select or use the edit box in one mixer - the other mixer selects the same channel
The results are endless scrolling. From kick drum in ch 1 to synth in ch 36 - etc and back etc.
Note - Adjusting the fader does not cause the consoles to sync
Only Select and Edit
Putting mixers on separate screens was not an answer.

I’m not clear on what the intention for multiple mix consoles might be .

Does anyone have a clue if it is possible to lock them in position???

Steinberg - Might this be a preference setting in next revision.???

Thnx Ron

It occurs to me that I could use the visibility Agents. configure that only channels 1 to 16 are visible, for example in one mixer, and 17 to 24 in another. so I could have them separate and independent … even on a single monitor, assigning agent 1 to channels 1 to 16, and agent 2 from 17 to 24 by pressing a keyboard key. so I have it. 1 for all my Drums, 2 for percussion, 3 for bass, etc.


hi, with cubase in front of me I can test it and it works using kos visibility agents. I can even put the two mix consoles to regulate the volumes of my tracks at a glance. what if, is that if it has controllers, these only follow the tracks of the mix console 1. here I have an old alphatrack that allows me, if I select a channel of the mixer 2 move it with it and edit it, but if I want to select a channel looking for it With the alfatrack, I jump to the mixer above (it’s because of the visibility agent)

I don’t know how to upload images here …

I hope this can help you…

PS soon we will receive C11 (tomorrow, it is said)