Mix Consul EQ Graphics

Existing project with EQ settings on each track. Anyone having a problem with EQ graphics not showing when you open mixer F3? When I open mixer the blue graphics do not show just blank squares when I pass the mouse pointer over them they come back. Happens every time. :astonished: :open_mouth: :confused:

There is something going on with some of the colors, very strange. The “handles” of the faders in the mix console seem to be transparent over here.

Looks like I am the only one with this issue trying to post a couple of images but looks like for one reason or another it is not possible. :cry:

See Below

No eq graphic after opening mixer.Swipe with mouse pointer and :-

It’s a known bug. Screen re- draw issue.

Why thank you my friend I can relax a little knowing I am not alone. No doubt it will be fixed in the near future :unamused:

I hope so. To be honest and surprised, I question the percentage of users utilizing the mix console EQ curve option. It took a while for it to be confirmed in beta test.

Thanks for the update and information Greggybud I appreciate that. I’m as surprised as you are as it leaps out at you but then the obvious sometimes gets missed.


I have same problem here with the eq curves dissapearing and it’t very annoying. Hope it will be fixed soon.

Same problem here.

Where eq graphic vanishes and you have to mouse over the area to bring the graphic back? Or scroll and it vanishes?

The current public update should have fixed this. What is your current version?

I still have this problem and my version is 10.0.5 which suggests this has not been fixed unless of course there is a newer version?

My apologies! If it’s the same issue, which I believe it is, it is fixed in the next update.

No problem my friend I appreciate your input and yes lets hope it gets fixed on the next update. More an annoyance than a major issue I think.