mix control with no faders

Am I missing something? If I open the mix control there are no faders at all but if I open mix control 2 or 3 there they are? Is something set wrong or did I get a problem with the download?

Its a bug.
Sometimes it helps to show/hide some additional mixer stuff.

Yes, and sometimes the lower half of the faders disappear.

I have a quickfix : In the mixer upper left corner go into the Setup Window layout thing,
and tick and untick the Controlroom/meter tick. This resets the faders to a workable position.
Hope this helps for now.

I think I figured it out. If the rack is showing the faders disapear. Unclick the rack and the faders come back.

Now if I can just figure out how to move the tracks in the mix control. In Cubase 5 all I had to do is move it in the main edit window and it moved in the mixer but now the tracks in the mixer are all set and I cannot get them to move at all. Anyone figured this out yet?

Works like a charm, yea!


Ticking and unticking the Controlroom/meter selection didn’t work for me, but it worked when I closed the MixConsole and opened it again.