Mix Down To CD Issue


I’ve tried finding a solution in the C6 forum with more rude comments and little help so I’ll try here. I see more of the old timers on this section of the forum and received a lot of help from them on the old Cubase.net forums. I’ve been using Cubase since the first versions VST in the 90’s so I’m not a newby.

I’ve been running into phase and dropout issues on my new temp DAW. It was going to cost more to replace my old board and CPU than to upgrade to a new computer. I’m using an ASUS CM1630-08 w/ AMD Phenom II X4 830 & 6g’s o ram and a Delta 1010LT. It’s not the best set up but I hoping it will get me by until I can afford to build a custom machine.

When I first set this rig up it sounded amazing. After a week of set up I was putting the final touches on my first project on this DAW and decided to give my ears a rest and finish in the morning. I woke up to my PC re booting after a microsoft and Asus update and on startup windows acted like it was the first log in on the system. After Asus and Microsoft support offered no solution and recovery failed to find all my programs and files, poof they were all gone, 60 hrs + of work. After re-setting everything up I tried again this time upgrading to C6.

Recording multitracking projects I started to get a tinny cross phase in the high mids especially on the guitars. I have to go back and rerecord them later (mic phase?). I do record my geetars in stereo (habit) using a POD XT for multitracking. If I record a stereo track solo it’s fine if I record two guitars in stereo simultaneously I get the phase back. After adding my plugs (usually Waves, Nomad and PSP) post recording and tweaking my eq’s I can get it to sound pretty good. The phase is also more noticeable when I listen via my Event PS6 monitors vs my headphones.

After export opening the file in C6 mastering set up or Wavelab it still sound good. Opening the exported wave in Windows media it sounds very muddy (Punch of the kick washed out, low end mud and drop outs, guitar phase and metallic distortion. When I burn it to CD it sounds just as bad. Never had this problem in SX3 running in XP mode. I’ve read of people having similar issues in the M Audio forums running W7 but no solutions. I did get a little better mixes recording at -4db. And some on the M-Audio reported some improvements removing WI-Fi printers ect. that were nearby. I did have a wireless printer in the room and did hear a bit more clarity after removing it and diabeling WI-Fi in my DAW but it’s still not where it should be.

I’ve tried everything, old mastered mixes, old mixed projects from SX3, importing files from cd’s ect. They all sound bad after export. Never had this problem. What am I doing incorrectly here?

If you have your connections all set up properly the stereo recording shouldn’t be an issue.

You say that SX 3 in compat mode sounds better. What happens if you record a guitar part in C6 and import the resulting file (straight from the project Audio folder, no mixdown) into SX 3, are the phase issues still present ? (=the problem is happening already in the recording process)