Mix Down

I have recorded a track using some virtual midi apps, but when I come to mix them down I’m just getting blank audio.
Is it really not possible to mix them down, and if so what is the point of them? Is there a work around?

I know it is going to be easier to use other apps now we have audiobus but none of the apps I’ve used support it.



I am not entirely sure whether I understand your question correctly.

I assume you have several MIDI-Tracks in Cubasis that trigger other background apps via Virtual MIDI? So if these apps do not support Audiobus, there is no way to get the Audio from these tracks into Cubasis. Thus, an Audio Mixdown results in no Audio.

Or do these apps support Audiobus and you get no Audio when doing a Mixdown? So please provide us with some more detail that we can help you.

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I had the same issue when recording a soloed track via AB so I assume it can happen any time that Cubasis is both the input and output within AB. (Which is how i presume you were carrying out the mixdown?) I rebooted Cubasis, the effects App and AB and the issue was resolved.

It looks like something in the recording connection can drop out on occasion. The strange bit is that you can hear AB working so the audio chain is ok it’s just that when you record you get a blank region.

Yes I meant virtual midi apps that don’t support audiobus.
It kind defeats the point of having virtual midi then - if there is no way to mix the apps sound down to the final mix! ie the only way to listen to your finished track is in Cubsase… :unamused:

Here’s hoping that more apps support audiobus soon… though even that is basic compared to good old vsts… any chance of vsts for ipad?

Hadn’t realized you were talking about Apps that don’t support AB. Not a surprise that you’re getting blank audio in Cubasis as AB is the only way of bringing in live audio.

I suppose you could mix down to another device or use ACP to bring the tracks in to Cubasis once you have finished so it doesnt break up your creative flow and mix down from there.

Virtual midi is still really useful. You can work on your performance editing as required then record into Cubasis via AB once you are happy with it. You can also get several parts working together before recording each in its parent App and then using ACP to being them together. Maybe most importantly you can record the midi whilst feeling creative then do the AB or ACP task when you’re finished recording.

Hi Thanks for your reply what is ACP? I could mix down to another device but I’d like to finish the track on my desktop version of cubase so need the tracks separate. Also as soon as you mix down via the headphone out you loose quality.

i believe in this case ACP = audio copy & paste.

So the way to do it would to audio copy and paste the midi playing back though the external app. That’s definitely a work around. Thanks

Yes, ACP is Audio, copy, paste. Record each App whilst it’s being driven by Cubasis into the in App recorder and paste the audio into an audio track within Cubasis. Clearly this will only work with Apps that support ACP but but many do.