Mix downs - need ideas

Hey Folks - I am recording my church services in Cubase 5.

Everyweek I load a template for recording, its 16 audio + 3 midi tracks. I backup the files and take them back to my studio for mixdown.

Is there anyway to create a “template” for the mixdowns. The Pastor’s track always gets the exact same reverb, eq, etc. As do all the other tracks. Currently I have saved the channel settings and mixer settings and load them, but it is somewhat of a pain.

I also tried setting up a mixdown and important each of the audio tracks into that every week. But then it is looking for audio files all over the place, and I have to spend as much time fixing the media pool as setting up the mixdown.

So looking for some way to quickly create a way to mix down every week with the exact same settings. Any ideas?


Copy a mix setup i.e copy the whole project folder, say by backup project, delete all the audio files in the pool, then save as a template.

Hmm - I am doing that for the recording, but are you saying for the mix down. Import all of the wave files into the template?

I can’t have all of the plug ins and everything running for the recording.

I probably should have mentioned, I am recording the services in Cubase AI at the church. Backing up the service to an external and then bringing it back to my studio for mixdown in Cubase 5.

I should also probably mention. My ultimate goal is to make this as simple as possible so I can train someone else to do this.

Ask God.