Mix Engineers Needed for Big YT Channel

Hi, I do production for Dan Bull, a youtubers with about 1.5 million subs.


He’s currently looking to increase his workload significantly and so we need at least one (maybe more) more mixing engineers who use Cubase. Dan Bull uses Cubase and he’d like to be able to send project files instead of trackouts. Currently, I get $70/mix. It’s not the highest rate in the industry, but it’s very consistent work and it’s good for credits and networking.

If you’re interested, respond here or email me at oxygenbeats@gmail.com (I will most likely reply faster to email). If you can, please provide links to some work you’ve produced.

Sounds like an interesting opportunity for the right person(s). I do have one question that might be on people’s minds. Is there any fee involved if someone wants to apply?

No. There’s no fee lol. I’m legitimately looking for mix engineers. It’s not a scam haha… though I can appreciate the healthy level of skepticism.

It’s actually very hard to find people that use Cubase. This forum is one of the only places I can think of to find Cubase users.

Though, I might not be looking for much longer. I’ve already gotten about 30 engineers interested on the Cubase Producers facebook group, and I’ve gotten some emails from this post too. So if there are any engineers on here, let me know soon! The opportunity probably won’t be open long. (God, that sounds like a scammy thing to say haha)

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Cool, thanks! Glad you got things going.


How long do you take to mix one track?

Everything is “good for credits and networking”.

  1. Depends on the track. But I can usually finish a mix in a day if I work at it for a good portion of the day. With my current workflow with Dan, he will usually send me a revision list after the first version and then on the 2nd version it’s usually ready for publishing and bouncing all the files down.

  2. Not sure if I agree on that lol. Working with Dan, he’s been connecting me to other big youtubers. We’ve collabed with youtubers like H20Delirious, Ali-A, iDubbbz, Jacksfilms, and Pewdiepie. He’s also referred me and I’ve talked to youtubers like EpicLloyd from Epic Rap Battles, Nemraps, Nerdcubed, etc… I just finished a custom project for BoyInABand who Dan referred to me. And I’m currently working on a project that has over 100 different youtubers collabing for a total of over 140+million subs.

I don’t think “everything” is going to get me those results. I don’t think standing around bashing my head into a wall, for instance, is going to help my career in the same way LOL. Everything is NOT good for credits and networking haha

Ok, so when I work in post production some will consider a full day to be a 10hr day. For ‘normal’ people in civilized countries it’s about 8 hrs. So let’s say that “a good portion of the day” is 7 hrs. This means you’re making $10/hr.

I was debating whether or not I should participate in this thread, but now that you’ve explained how long it takes I think it’s fair to comment on it. $10/hr is not living wage unless your expenses are really low. It certainly won’t cover a food, clothes, mortgage/rent, transportation, health care, education for your kids, etc.

I’d even say that offering services for this low is a race to the bottom and it destroys the possibility for us engineers to actually live on this as a profession.

And it begs the question if they pay more than he does. There are only so many hours in a day, so many hours in a week. Fair enough, you can work 80 hrs/week and that’ll mean a nice $800 / week, or $3200/month, but it’s hardly sustainable.

The amount of views for those channels doesn’t translate into money for you, just for the people who hire you who should pay you more.

I was being facetious and sarcastic. In my experience working for quite some time in post production, whenever I see “credits and networking” I just ignore it. 99% of the time it means absolutely nothing. The problem with that type of ‘bait’ is that it usually at best leads only to more of the same. So typically a job that pays $10/hr will lead to other people who expect the same price for the same quality, it won’t normally lead to new clients who will pay what I consider to be a real living wage for an adult in 2018.

Sorry if this was a negative post, but I honestly feel that we shouldn’t promote such low wages. We should strive to get more.

PS: I understand that there are people out there who live in areas where expenses are very low, and/or are living with their parents or have other sources of income and just want some ‘extra money for fun’, but doing professional paid work for so little money nevertheless erodes our profession’s ability to charge a livable wage.

$10/hr. I wouldn’t argue with that; that might be a fair assessment. However, I believe in a free market. $10/hr might not be sustainable for someone who lives in L.A. or other large cities around the US with insane costs of living. But news flash… you don’t have to live in one of the most expensive places on Earth! If you move out to a more rural area you will that this is actually very sustainable. I do music full time and I take care of two kids. I live in a rural area and it works. Also, one of the BIGGEST benefits of this is consistency. In the music industry, consistent work is sooo valuable. It’s similar to how amazon gets cheap prices for mailing with USPS because they provide USPS with very consistent business. You’re completely undervaluing consistency, which I think is very sad.

And yes, this is great for networking. The longer you do the job, the more opportunities you will get, and if the channel grows due to your work, you will probably get paid more. Sometimes I do custom beats for Dan and other youtubers at a much higher rate. And with each project you finish, you build “leverage” and more negotiating power. The best drug dealers offer people drugs for free, knowing that they will make people dependent on it and have to pay more for it later. In the same way, an ambitious employee should offer their services for cheap or free at first, then build leverage, and ask for a higher wage later. This is the climb. You don’t start out earning millions each year. If the cost of entry was such a burden on an employer, then new people would never have opportunities to climb.

And of course, some people might work faster than me. Also, there’s nothing to stop someone from negotiating their own wages different from my own.

We should strive to get more. I am constantly striving for that. But you have to be strategic and smart with how you go about it. Just because you start at one wage doesn’t mean that you will have that same wage for the rest of your life. Free markets are the way to go. If you don’t like the rewards, then don’t apply. It’s that simple.

But now we’ve just devolved into this thread being about politics. Which is fine by me. I don’t really need any more applicants at this point so I’d be happy to debate you on politics haha

Sure, it’s a “free” market. But I know where these things often lead, and it’s where someone underbids you and then you’re in a tough spot. You think you can get by with two kids on $10/hr, well, someone without kids is going to undercut you sooner or later and then you’ll be miffed about it. Just wait.

I’m not undervaluing it, I took it into account. Just read my post again.

Ok. I listened to some of the stuff on the channel, and if my ears serve me well I think you’re underpaid. That’s all.

Yeah, I know what you mean about the race to the bottom. Still, I think RELATIONSHIPS are important. So, yeah, you might have to work for next to nothing to start out thanks to the race to the bottom. But, as long as you show resolve and dedication and build a good working relationship, you will have the leverage to say “look, I need to get more money… otherwise, I can’t sustain this”… and then re-negotiate a better deal. If you’ve already established a good working relationship and have shown that you have a good work ethic and good productivity, then the person paying you is going to want to keep you. They’re not going to want to have to find new people and risk getting bad workers or people who keep leaving. Consistency is just as beneficial to the employer as the employee in that sense. And I mean, this concept is what internships are based off of. Do you think internships shouldn’t exist??

So I get what you’re saying. I just think that if you are smart about it, you can learn to work with the market and succeed; even if there is a race to the bottom initially.

Haha you got me there. Not sure how to respond. Saying you’re wrong here would be dissing my own work LOL. I will take that reverse back handed compliment!! (or whatever it would be called… not sure what to call it haha)

Unknown production company calls and asks, “can you do this first job at a low rate and we’ll pay your regular rate on the next job.”

Answer: Sorry, not available.

Long-term client calls and asks, “can you reduce the rate a bit on this project?” or make some other concession on rate or equipment rental?

Answer: Of course.

Offering “credits and exposure” is about as good as offering “thoughts and prayers” to shooting victims’ families.

$70/track, about 1 track a day, so $70/day, equals under $17,000 annually.

That isn’t much, as a matter of fact that is considered a poverty level of income: http://familiesusa.org/product/federal-poverty-guidelines

It sounded so glamorous in the OP!

That surprises me, given all I’ve heard about how Cubase is so popular!

If the youtube artist has so many millions of followers why is he being so cheap with his rate?

Because apparently he can.

That’s the race to the bottom, and it will never end. Next up some kid in mom’s basement will do it for half-price so he makes some extra cash to buy [whatever] with.

(And then he might even complain about the “high” cost of Cubase :wink: )