Mix Faster with Less Hassle: Auto-Route Folder Tracks to Group Tracks in Cubase

Hi everyone, I’m searching for a solution.
I find it very helpful to organize my tracks with folder tracks and edit multiple tracks at once with group tracks. However, adding new tracks to the appropriate group track can sometimes be a bit tedious. Is there a way to configure Cubase to automatically route every track added to a folder track to the appropriate group track? This would save me a lot of time and help me stay focused on the creative aspects of mixing.
I’d really appreciate any tips or advice you may have.

Any Ideas?

I wouldn’t be aware of such a possibility.

This has been asked for years before. Would be great. Not implemented yet but am hoping.

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Did Steinberg release their opinion about the topic?

No. They rarely respond directly.

Found a solution!

Under Key Commands there is an option to assign a key to such action.
Take a look at the screenshot.
I searched “Add Group” and found the command “Selected Tracks to new folder and Add Group Channel”.
Alt + G , Shift + G, and Ctrl + G are already assigned, So I added Shift + Alt + G.
And It’s doing the magic! Moving the selected channels to a folder track titled “Folder track” and assigning them to a group channel with the standard group-channel-opening-screen.


That’s great. Just note that if you add tracks to that folder afterwards you still have to route them manually to the group.

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Yup It’s not a super Ideal tool, but would be great to use if you know in advanced that you will move tracks to a folder as a final pre-mixing step