Mix Help in cubase - struggle to make my tracks sound as loud an punchy as commercial tracks

I have been making music for a long time but the biggest frustration is mixing and mastering. I am at almost a point where I want to give it all up. The problem these days is loudness is all about marketing and making songs sound loud on an iPhone speaker, I resisted for a long time but it is just the way the industry is now. I struggle to make my tracks sound as loud an punchy as commercial tracks. I have read so much and tried so much I could write a book lol but it never seems to work. I can’t even get a beat to sound loud and punchy. I was wondering if someone could help me. I am a visual person and need to see it in a project. If I create a beat and save it as a project could someone have a look and get it as loud as a reference track. This would help as looking at the project after will show me what I am missing.
Many thanks

What is a “beat”? Like a metronome click?


What exactly does “as loud as a reference track” mean?

Part of me wants to accept your offer. However, my efforts would probably have me leaning on third party plugins and it would be strictly for my own amusement. Are you working only with the stock Cubase plugin set (not that it’s bad - a lot are actually really good)? And what is this mysterious version of Cubase you are using?

Lol not quite the metronome. I have created a project with a beat and also have the example beat I want to match in sound. You can get my project here.
(Dropbox - Example Beat.rar - Simplify your life)

It would be great if someone could get this near the example file.

I’m having problems with the .rar file. Could you simply upload your project folder to Dropbox instead? The reference track, too, if it’s not included in the project audio folder?

And, again, what version of Cubase are you using?
Stock plugins only?

You can send the link by personal message if you would like.

Hi there
I am using Cubase Pro 11 also using the stock plugins as well.