mix knob issue in master rig saturator mid-side mode

I’ve noticed when i load the saturator into master rig and put any of the frequency bands into mid-side mode, the mix knob shifts the stereo image of the source material to the left channel dramatically, unless the mix knob is set to 100% This goes for the mid-channel, or the side-channel.

My understanding is that this mix knob is simply supposed to dial up the amount of tube or tape saturation applied in wet/dry fashion, not shift the whole mix strongly to the left channel. It seems like a bug, but I haven’t found any other reports.

Anyone else have this problem or know of something I’m missing?


I think you’re correct that something isn’t right here with the Saturator module in M/S mode.

thanks for checking it out. i’ll look forward to other people’s experiences with this module, and see if steinberg weighs in.

I played some pink noise into the Master Rig with only a Saturation module loaded. Putting the 2nd band (or any/all bands) into M/S mode with no other changes shifts things to the left dramatically:
02 Saturator Band 2 analyzer.png

Yeah, thanks again. That was my experience with a full mix, too.


Thanks Andreas. I appreciate your confirmation.