Mix "knob" native for all inserts

My idea is simple, some plugins already come with a mix knob but many don’t…

What if the insert section in the inspector was also a dry/wet control. Same interface as with the sends but instead of how much signal (db) flows over to the plugin you get to control the wetness (%) of it, natively.

I think it would be good if they added this to the routing panel, which also needs a revamping so that it can better handle channel tasks more easily…
two for one goodness

  • input / output trim [emoji106]

+1. I’ve suggested this before (am sure many others have too).

I’d want it on the mixer/channel editor adjacent to or above the actual insert slot in question. And always visible (or have a show/hide setting) I don’t want to have to hover over the slot to find out what the setting is.

Similarly, add a user-calibratable green/red ‘clip’ light for each slot. Would make it a breeze to track down problems in a busy plug-in-heavy mix.

+1 … wish the external fx had wet/dry mix knobs too for easy parallel processing.

…and I wish that the RME/ADAT latency-compensation issue would be fixed for the same reason. Parallel external processing currently requires two I/O or an outboard mixer.

I was about to make the same topic but search brought me here.

So +1 :slight_smile:

It would be nice if the mix control was accessable via the mixer and not hidden behind many layers.

Yes, sometimes looking at the lack of functionality of insert slots makes me cringe, too.

I mean, adding a booster knob, M/S, mono to stereo routing and a mix knob isn’t exactly rocket science.

Seriously, Steinberg…