MIX Knob on UR22C

I’m using Logic Pro 10.7 on Mac mini M1 / Monterey 12.0.1 connected to UR22C via USB 3.0
My microphone is plugged in Input 1.
My headphone to UR22C.
Latest driver for Mac, every other function is going well. Until:

I created 2 track to record my vocal over a karaoke.

But the problem is the MIX KNOB is doing weirdly. If → INPUT, it reduces the sound of karaoke track on my headphone, I still hear my voice over the mic well. If → DAW, the karaoke is so loud, I still hear my voice over the mic though.

It means Logic Pro records the DAW signal in my vocal track as well. And strangely, it relates to the MIX KNOB. But I researched the knob, and it’s supposed to not mess with recording.

Please help, guys.

If you hear the mic input when the knob is turned all the way to DAW, you probably have monitoring switched on in your daw for the mic input channel.