Mix log, How do you keep yours?

Not a explicit Cubase related, but I just use Cubase for mixing so…

This depends of how is the deal with the client, but I think that every mix had the right to at least one review.
In my case, I give 3 mixing reviews and keep a different file name for every version (with the date in the name) but also use google’s keep app to write my notes when I listen to my mix in others systems.

I put together my notes with the client notes and get something like this:

Just now I started to use Cubase’s Notepad to put in there the changes I made so when I open the project, I have those.

I’m not completely happy with my method yet, but for now it works. So, I’m curios on how do you guys keep track of this changes. Or - plain simple - don’t keep any kind of log?

For file naming I simply use the ascending numbering functionality (I think it’s ctrl + alt + s, turns i.e. ‘song’ instantly into ‘song-01’, ‘song-02’ etc.).

My own mix notes I do in Cubase’ note pad or an external text file and add clients’ mail notes or notes I do during phone calls there. If it’s an album I ask for a list with desired changes (preferably coming from one person in the band who collects his bandmates’ notes too to avoid confusion) and go ticking off that list.

As a reference for myself I always keep the last mix in my projects with no output routed. Via the listen function I can always hear what I’m actually changing and evaluate if the change is perceptible in clients’ ears.
This helps much especially with subtle changes. If I get the message ‘turn that vocal up 1 db’ I won’t turn it up just 1 db (which may trigger a compressor on the voc bus), I will turn it up as far as I understand what kind of level increase could be meant by the expression ‘+1db, please!’ in the context of the actual mix.