Mix Master & meter levels

Hi, I am trying to improve my mix and master. What I mean to say is that when I focus is on the loudness meter, that is does not go into the red zone, then my master meter level is very low. Kindly I want to know that should the loudness not go in the red zone at all.
I have created a short music just to understand mix and master. I have mixed and mastered it twice. One of these is named as ‘below the red zone’ and the other is ‘no limits’. ‘below the red zone’ has been mastered in regards to meter levels and ‘no limits’ has been mastered based on ear listening experience. But still there is a confusion in my mind that should I be looking at each channel loudness or the all mix? Kindly guide me please.

Please I’m very great full to someone guide me. Actually I have some projects are pending just because this problem.

It’s almost impossible to give guidance without knowing how your gain structures are calibrated. 1st place I’d start is to bounce all files, then normalize to -6 or so…set master to -3 or so. Mix to taste.