Mix my new song!--and here are the mixes!

You can stream the MP3s here:

When All Is Said & Done MP3

and you can download the full audio files here:


Each mix is quite different. I’ll butt out for a while and leave it to the peeps and participants to make comments
about them.

Thanks to all who participated!

A couple of guidelines:

–you can’t edit out parts and you can’t add or substitute, you must work with the files I supply
–you can’t change the position of parts (they are fixed)
–send your finished mixes directly to me, don’t post them here
–deadline is 25th May, so you can mix away for a few weeks
–when your mix is ready, PM me a link to a download

After the deadline, I’ll post links to the mixes in this thread.

The song is called When All Is Said & Done and it’s in 4/4 @ 86 BPM.

It will be interesting to hear the mixes and I’ll look forward to hearing
anyone’s efforts, all of which will be greatly appreciated.




Downloading now. :slight_smile:

Hi Dave!

Seeing you were the first to respond, would you mind if I send you
my current mix of this tune? It’s not a “competition”, I’m just interested
in hearing how different folk mix the track. That way, my own mix will
be date-stamped and hence free of any influence from other mixes that
people forward to me. When the deadline arrives, Dave can post in this
thread his own link to the mix I’ve sent him. Can’t get much more objective than that.

And because Dave is a gentleman, he won’t peek at my own mix until
after he’s sent me his own. :wink:

So Dave, is that Ok with you?


That’s fine with me. Gonna be hard not to take a peak but promise I won’t. I think you have an email address for me?

It’s a good idea actually. I have been influenced and already altered my own mix of ‘You’re Free’ and I might change a couple of other details.


cool, nice one Jet!! :smiley:

I’m at work right now so can’t do anything till I get home, but im already looking forward to working on this! :smiley:


(Dave, im still tinkering around with your mix, I will get round to giving an update on your thread, soon, promise! :wink: )

OK Dave, done! I’ll forward the file soon.

Hi Sav,

well, you did a great job on D&Hs (were there any major nits from reviewers??) so I’m also
looking forward to The Sav Mix on this one! :wink:



Just noticed that the hi-hats are also on the first parts of Loops 1 & 2.

Simply delete them up until…or until 1:43.

I think I’ll try again for practice’s sake :smiley:
Thanks for supplying things to work with!

Yeah, have fun! :wink:

One final note on the first batch of files:

Again, in Loop 1, I can see the second bass drum
shares the first part and then the “loop” itself begins.

Simply divide them at (or at 2:28) and put them
on different tracks.

As far as I can see, all other files are fine.

I’ll provide the next batch soon.



–deadline is 25th May, so you can mix away for a few weeks

Hopefully I’ll find some free time between now and then!

I am downloading now also.

Here is the link to the next batch of files, which are keys,
synths and other such things.


If you missed the first batch, I’ll re-post them later. Dropbox has
a size limit and I can’t exceed it by leaving too many files in it.



That link is cut off unfortunately. And I missed the first batch :wink:

Hmmm, seems OK now. :wink:


ooh! :open_mouth: its a bit like a cliff hanger wondering whats gonna come next. hi Jet thanks for putting up these files , i hope these files are at 44.1 khz , when i did Daves "your free" i did it on my little pc in my living room and for some reason cubase in here was set at 48.0 khz i didnt realize this at the time and all the files were converted to 48 khz ,and while i was messing about with mix i was thinking wow! daves got a squeeky voice( sorry dave) ,anyway long story short ,just before i was gonna post the song on the forum i had a quick check at one of the other guys mix of daves song and realised mine had sped up ,and it was a terrible pain getting it back to normall cause the files were shiftting all over the place and the automation was now out of place . i do suspect it will be 44.1 but it would be good to have confimation. cheers

Yes, it is part of the whole process to have the song unfold in installments. As you say, it’s a bit of fun,
but it might also provide insights into my own approaches, FWT’sW. I’m actually releasing the tracks more or less in order
of their insertion in the original project.

Yeah, 24 bit, 44.1 :slight_smile:


you have a ton of stuff going off already , but thats the beauty of cubase, use as many tracks as you want,definatley an head scratcher ,looking foreward to having a go at this ,hope i can dedicate enough time to it cause it is a good learning process for me. cheers

Well…um…in the end there will be 50 tracks. :astonished: :open_mouth: :laughing:

Juz kidding.

Scratch them heads indeed! :neutral_face: