Mix Question - MIDI vs Automation


I have a question for the forum which may be basic to some but it’s something I am starting to have to think about.

I am composing various MIDI based songs using virtual instruments and originally it was all using a single time signature and all note volumes were at 100, as I was mapping the basic rhythm and instrumentation but now as the songs appear to be taking shape, it is less about rhythm and more about notation but at the same time while my coarse volumes (CC7) are at varying levels and my audio faders are all at 100% (any coarse audio volume changes are almost always done from within the VST but I try and avoid this and stay at zero as much as possible) I’ve since changed many of the individual note volumes using velocity via the pencil tool in the Key Editor.

Moving on I am now wanting to perform fades on notes, for example at the end of different sections and I am wondering which way I should go: should I use audio-based automation or should I attempt to program it in MIDI?

I am leaning towards the latter since the compositions are mostly MIDI anyway (occasionally I record tracks using a sound module, which would benefit from MIDI based automation in any case) but using the pencil tool in the Key Editor does not seem simple in that it ends up as steps rather than as diagonal lines such as with automation.

Is there a way to do this more easily in another editor, eg List Editor or does C6 offer something which I am unaware of because I really have no idea what VST Expression is and I don’t know if I need it right now anyway when all I am wanting to do is perform basic fades on individual notes in conjunction with coarse volumes and velocities.

Thanks for any answers.

The controller lane obeys the snap just like the notes in the editor. If you reduce the quantize or turn snap off altogether you should be able to get smooth lines in the controller lanes. Also, don’t forget the line tool.

As far as which is better, I think it is mostly preference but the main difference is how the VSTi responds to the changes in CC7. Cubase automation is pretty much a constant, known behavior, whereas different VSTi may behave differently OR even different programs within the same VSTi could behave differently depending.

Thank you Jaslan, that is exactly what I needed to know. I now understand finally … how to program MIDI automation!

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