Mix snapshots - is that like version treatment of automation+VCA's as well?[No, it's not]


To be really useful, I think that automation can be varied between those snapshots, or?
That would be like track versions - but for full mix, kind of.

Like vary how parts of mix could be with a lot of reverb sends amount, and the other with same stuff upfront and similar.

Or is like it sounds, an instant of faders in a spot in timeline?


EDIT: Found this in manual
“Automation data is not saved in MixConsole snapshots. If you recall a snapshot to a channel that contains automation data, you get a warning message.”

If it’s not saved - why bother delete at recall.

So not that useful for me, anyway.

What I try and alter a lot is how various parts are faded into each other and similar. What should be in your face, what to be “barried” in ambience.

Insert plugins, to swap that, can be useful, I guess. Ability to check how different compressors sound etc.