Mix Stuttering....

Hi there all…

So I have a mix I’m working on. I’m experiencing a drop out. It’s very odd. Occurs once every, oh, I’d say minute and a half or so. Audio drops out, my “average load” indicator peaks out, along with my “real-time peak indicator.” Then after about 1 second the audio picks up where it WOULD have been had it not skipped. It almost seems like my computer is doing something that’s taking over all other functions. haha… if that makes any sense. Here are some facts:

~ it ONLY happens on this one project. I have several other mixes that have MUCH LARGER cpu demands that run fine.
~ I have ONE VSTi running, Kontakt. and again, on other project i’ll have several, including Kontakt.
~ No unusual plug-in use… i’m not experimenting with any weird new plugins that no one has heard of, it’s all the same ones I normally use. and I certainly don’t have a large number of plugs going. Well, larger than usual.
~ track count is lower than whats usually on my other projects. Also, media amount is much less too. No video.

Any and all ideas welcome!!

I would check out with a dpc latency monitor and see what it says.
Here is one for Windows: Thesycon Tools - Free Download

It gives you number of how long system buses are taken by different deferred processing drivers.

WLAN adapters are common culprit on laptops and one thing to disable - even if you say only on this project. It may be a combination of tough project and this dpc introduced.

Well below 1ms(1000 us) is roughly ok for audio. But usually around 100 us.

Actually… I just shut down Kontakt. It went away.

Wow. I’m totally befuddled. Perhaps its the soundbank I have loaded in Kontakt. I’m going to try turning it back on and see if it acts up again.