Mix Window Issue

Hi Everyone, I’m still relatively new to Cubase. I’m running 7.5 on a Mac Pro with OS 10.8 with 32GB of RAM. There seems to be an issue with my mix window where I can’t see the bottom of the channels. I’ve tried zooming and expanding the window but I can’t seem to fix it. Any suggestions? I’ve included two screen shots as examples. This happens across different sessions.

Mixer 2.png

I’m running 7.5

This was quite common on earlier 7 versions…maybe in the first release of 7.5 though I don’t remember for sure.

So if you’re not using 7.5.2 you should update.
If you already are on this version, try toggling on/off the control room section of Mixconsole.

Have you tried to make the “fader part” bigger? Like pulling the row up above the faders?

I just updated to 7.5.2 this morning and I’m still having this issue. Resizing the faders and or the window does nothing. The issue is present on all sessions with MixConsole 1 & 2. MixConsole 3 looks as expected but I like to use multiple mix windows so this is not a very good work around. Anyone else have any other ideas?

bump…this is really starting to bug me. Anyone else having this issue or know of a fix?

Have you tired this: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=47905&hilit=reset+mixconsole#p291992

Yes resetting the mix console helped! Thanks!