Mix window stuck

I’m a new user of Cubase Elements 7. Somehow, I have my got my mix console window stuck with it’s title bar underneath (hidden by) the menu bar of the project window. I am now unable to grab its title bar to move it or to get to any of its controls. Any ideas how to move it?

OK, now found a solution. I found this topic:

[R-9613]Cubase 7 Mix Console / Mixer display problems

While not directly related to my problem, it does solve it nicely. I did not do a re-install, just rename the app data folder. This forces cubase to create a new folder. When you open cubase next, it looks like it has just been installed. you do have to go round and set everything up again but it’s a small price to pay to get your window functionality back again. It would be nice if cubase could prevent you from moving a window too far, but this seems to be a general Windows problem and can be done in any windows program.

Post in the Cubase forum, you’ll get more answers.