Mix Window Time Wasting Issues

I just did a big project in Cubase 8 Pro after doing a big project in Pro Tools 11. I found the Cubase 8 Pro Mixer wasting my time a lot trying to do basic things. So, I thought I’d point out those things with the hope that if anybody has thoughts to help me they’d chime in. :slight_smile:

I don’t mean this to be a Pro Tools vs Cubase thing. I like both and use both for different reasons.

  1. Often, when trying to click the plugin insert button, I’d get the on/off button of the next channels plugin insert and have to mouse around/wait to get definition from one over the other.

  2. Often, when clicking the plugin, I’d get the plugin preset window open instead of opening the plugin. And it’s not like I’m hitting that plugin preset button directly.

  3. Still not being able to move channels in the mixer is a time waster.

  4. To make matters worse, when you have to move a channel you click on it in the mixer, but the definition of the channel in the Project Window is not real clear. So, you hunt for awhile. More time…

Thanks to anyone with thoughts/solutions.

1 and 2 is better in Cubase 8.5.x (where the “popup” buttons are inside its own track boundery). But still not my fav GUI :cry:

3 and 4 makes me go dfjkdgkdqgqdkg MAD :smiling_imp: Especially after a Studio One Session…

I agree completely.