Mixconsole - channel auto loudness matching

Having used certain vendor plugins to do AB comparison of FX chains, I thought it would be a great idea if this feature was baked into the Mixconsole in cubase. Imagine being able to compare before and after FX chain for each channel with a selectable button or key command.

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You can bypass the whole Inserts section at once, same as the whole Channel Strip section, same as the whole Sends section. And you can make a Macro to bypass all of them at once at the selected track.

Yes - but there will be a loudness difference in most circumstance unless you take the time to level match throughout your fx chain. This does not allow you to do accurate A/B comparison of before and after processing. There are a few tools on the market such as Gain Match and TB Audios ABLM utility that do this loudness matching but you need to insert a plugin before and after your FX a chain - which is untidy, time consuming and cumbersome. A feature like this could be built into each channel to auto loudness match before and after fx chains.


I see, now I understand.

So are you envisioning the Bypass button to have 4 states; On, Bypassed, Disabled and Bypassed with loudness matching? Just wondering how it would be implemented.

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I would envisage an additional button, β€˜ALM’ (auto level match) button that can be engaged per channel and can be bulk bypassed similar to the inserts, strip and send bulk bypass buttons we have in the Mixconsole toolbar. This would give total control. And perhaps in preferences you can enable ALM across the Mixconsole by default. After all, level matching is crucial to ensuring the processing applied to a channel is actually doing what is intended. This would support better and quicker mixes.

No, of course it is not crucial. Many of us have managed just fine for decades without it using only VU meters and our ears.