MixConsole channel Configuration

Input Busses:The input routing selector only lists busses that correspond to the channel Configuration.
What they mean by channel configuration?

The VST connections panel is where you set up routings according to your used audio solution. In my case I use Out 1+2 as main out, Out 3+4 as headphone out, In 1 as external instrument input, In 2 for my mic and In 3 &4 for my Stage Piano.

Depending on your setup, you have your main out and perhaps alternative outputs available. Just remember where your monitors are connected to.

Not at my DAW right now, so I can not be more specific. Hope this helps though…

That is what I tought (F4) but the window is called VST connection input/output.

Configuring your channels (channel configuration) is a description of what you do with it rather than it’s window name.