MixConsole, Copy Rack Settings to another by drag'n'drop

On Cubase 10 pro (10.20) I can’t copy rack settings from one channel to another by drag’n’drop as I was used on Cubase 9.5 Pro.
The settings are moved instead. Alt-drag is ignored and moves the settings as well.

By the way, documentation was wrong in my 9.5.30 pro pdf file regarding this, and my Cubase 10 pdf is the same.
Documentation is right in the v9 directory at Steinberg website.
Real behaviour on 9.5: copy is simple drag (like channel settings), move is alt-drag. (In the pdfs is described the other way round for rack settings)

I am on Windows 7, when I press alt on my keyboard, the “sus” tab up there shines.

Any other?



Try to hold down Alt modifier, please. I hope this will help. I don’t remember in which area you have to hold down Alt and in which are you don’t have to. In any case, the + icon should appear next to the mouse-pointer when Cubase is going to copy.

I can’t believe my eyes: today it works! SOLVED.
Just closed Cubase and re-open. (???) Thanks for replying.
(I always pressed and held every key, as when I was in 9.5. For instance, when I shortly click on the eq in the rack, Cubase will toggle the view on and off, while if a click and keep clicked down, after half a second it will reveal the chance of copying the eq to another channel by highlighting and when I drag it will show possible destinations).