MixConsole + Edit VST Instrument

OK, I’m having another look at N6.0.7 Trial Version as I understand that N6.5 might be coming out this year.

In N5.5.6 it is possible to go straight to Edit VST Instrument from a channel on the Mixer screen, but how do I do this from the N6 MixConsole screen? - I can’t find the icon.

Thanks. It seems that to edit the Channel settings it requires a quick click, and to edit a VST Instrument it has to be clicked and held for longer. That is un-intuitive, obscure, imprecise and just plain weird in my view - but it works, so I’ll probably get used to it.

It is also a little confusing that on the Project screen you have to go to the Midi track to edit the VST, but on the Mixer screen you have to go to the Audio track to edit the VST (this is true of N5.5.6 too so somebody at Steinberg might be able to justify this).

Set up a key command to call the VST instrument…it works from the mixer when the channel is selected.