Mixconsole Fader Cap Colors

I’ve searched all over and have found a few threads with a similar problem as mine but still haven’t found a solution. Yesterday I was playing around with the default colors and trying to soften them up a bit. I don’t know exactly what I did but now my master fader, input fadter and mute/solo buttons etc are all pink, purple and pastel like colors.

Resetting to factory defaults hasn’t helped and I even went as far as uninstalling 7.5 and re-installing it but nothing. Any ideas how I get the faders cap colors back to their original settings?

You need to be on the specific “fader-page” to reset the “faders” elements in preference. It doesn’t help just press “default” anywere.

Other then that, make your own settings of liking in preference instead. Why do you care about what the original color?

Best Regards

I figured it out, thanks. To be honest it doesn’t matter because it didn’t effect my workflow but I’m just so OCD about things like that :laughing: . It was bugging the hell out of me every time I went to the mixer that the faders we hot pink.

Typical Cubase user. :smiley: