MixConsole fader section

When will Steinberg get around to fixing the fader section in the MixConsole? I find (after having used it for about a year) that the design of the MixConsole is much faster to work with than the “old” mixer design, with one huge exception that wrecks it all! The fader section.

Cubases design with dark lettering on a dark background is hopeless. The is a reason why all mixing consoles has had differently shaped and colored buttons (and pots) for decades. That reason being that the engineer only needs to throw a quick glance to know which button to push to see a specific result.

This is impossible in the MixConsole. There are some illegible markings, but there could just as well been a bunch of unmarked squares. This takes the engineers concentration from where is belongs (the recording) to figuring out which button to push!

Having the buttons color-coded when deactivated would go along way. Why not a faded color when the function is deactivated a a bright when it is activated. Just as long as there is enough contrast to make the marking legible.

This simple fix shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, but would greatly increase the usability of the MixConsole.

You should probably post this in the Feature Requests and Suggestions section.

Do you mean like the Dim option on the CMC controllers ?
That would be useful.

Well, as far as I understand the OP means the Buttons in the mix console fader section for “Solo”, “Listen”, “Mute”, “Read”, “Write”, “Monitor”.

I FULLY agree that the current solution is bad: It is impossible to distinguish the Buttons, and their states. Especially when we adjust the sice of the section.

Please Steinberg, provide at least a color-distinction for These Buttons or something else that Enables VISUAL Recognition of the Buttons and their state at a Brief glance.

Many thanks.