MixConsole History not updating

Anyone head this issue?

I open a project (started as Cubase 7.5, now opening in 9.5). When I first open the project, with left panel showing in MixConsole, I can see my actions get recorded in the history. After working on the project for a while, when I look at history again, it has not updated for some time, and does not react to new mixer changes.

Am I missing something, does it need to be enabled after undoing or something?

Yes, this has been reported by other users (other threads), a definite step backwaRds. I haven’t seen an acknowledgement by Steinberg yet, though.

Yup, same here. I also just installed the new update (9.5.10) but the bug is still there. Let’s hope it will be fixed sooner than in the next big upgrade (C10) like it was not long ago with the snap type always changing back to default after reopening a project :wink: