MixConsole Horizontal Scroll Bar Disappears

Scroll Bar Disappears in externally displayed MixConsole Windows.

Following the upgrade from Nuendo 10.3 to Nuendo v11.0.20, I have noticed that the MixConsole horizontal scroll bar disappears when more than 64 instrument channels are displayed.
Regardless of whether only instruments or instruments plus any other channel types are displayed - if there are more instruments than can be displayed in the MixConsole window, then the scroll bar simply disappears. This makes it impossible to scroll across to see the other instrument channels.
If I reduce the number of displayed instruments to 63 or less, then the scroll bar re-appears.

To try and solve the issue, I have:

  1. Temporarily disabled the preferences (and restarted Nuendo)
  2. Reset preferences to the factory settings (and restarted Nuendo)
  3. Uninstalled Nuendo, rebooted and re-installed it at v11

The only thing that solved this was to uninstall Nuendo 11, and to install v10.3.
So it would seem that this bug has been introduced at Nuendo version 11.
When MixConsole is displayed in the Nuendo Project Window (where MixConsole is displayed at the bottom), then the scroll bar and tab are displayed correctly.

I’m running Windows10 Pro on a dual-CPU Intel 2696v3 with 256GB RAM, where Windows and Nuendo are run from the C: drive (default drive) which is a 2TB SSD with 700GB free.

Please can this bug be resolved ASAP.

With thanks,
Jonathan Brooker

Why do you uninstall N11?
It is possible to install different versions on one machine at the same time.

So having re-installed Nuendo 10.3, the scroll bar did return again, but only until I opened a second MixConsole window and it disappeared again.
Since then I have re-installed Nuendo 11.0.10, and now using this version, but I will have to find a workaround for the disappearing scroll bar. In fact when the scroll bar is displayed (for non instrument channels) it doesn’t actually do anything. I can move it but the channels don’t scroll left and right. So the scroll bar is next to useless.

Anyone ?

I have had issues with scroll bar in Cubase 10/11, but not sure if they are related to Nuendo.

My observation is it has something to do with checking track visibility and placement of tracks ie left center or right. Even changing configurations, then changing back messed this up.

I use 3 mix consoles, 2 of them linked, the 3rd separate.

When I’m back in town i can check adding 64 or more instrument tracks in Cubase. That part should be pretty straight forward.

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I just added 77 instrument tracks and the horizontal scroll bar, plus the vertical scroll bar in the project page is working as intended.

This is with C11, a 2nd mix console window open, mix consoles 1 and 2 linked, and added the 77 tracks after. Sorry I don’t use Nuendo.

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