MixConsole interface bug please help.

Hi, I have this annoying bug with my MixConsole. I don’t see the bottom part anymore.
What am I supposed to so with that. Restarting Cubase don’t help.

Thanks in advance…

It’s a known bug among others that will hopefully be fixed in the next update (7.04) Enough show stoppers for me to stick with 6.5 for now.

It’s definitely bugged. I have the same issue so I’ve been using mixconsole2 in the devices tab in the meantime.

Easily fixed either by toggling the rack off and on again, or failing that, going to the layout panel and checking/unchecking all the elements until it looks right again. Definitely a bug though!!

Thanks chimpspanner! It worked!
Even when Cubase is buggy, I like it because there is always a workaround! :wink: