MixConsole level meters

Currently the MixConsole has 2 places to view level meters, the meter bridge at the top, and meters next to each fader. The Meter bridge has a few extra features such as the wave meter and gain reduction meters (for internal plugs only) The small channel overview at the very top is also a little 3rd meter bridge in its own way.

I’m thinking this could be improved in some ways, for example - someone wanting to save space would not enable the meter bridge, but then they miss out on gain reduction meter, but it could be incorporated into the meter in the fader section(that is always enabled anyway).

On the other hand - for someone with space the top meter bridge could be have an option to show just gain reduction using the full size of the meter instead of the very thin red meter we have now. don’t need to see channel levels twice.

And speaking of the gain reduction meter, it would be great to see
the gate reduction state (ie: full red for closed) and 3rd party plugins gain reduction if technically possible.