MixConsole Link/Q-Link Error

the faders in the mixconsole linked should stay in relative position (thats what i guess they should do)
but if i pull it down to the bottom (by accident oder randomly) they lose their relative positions
and are all the same values like absolute link
in my opinion an error or did i something wrong or make some false settings?

thanks a lot oliver (germany)

please excuse my awful english (im not used to write in since school which is long ago)


It works as expected, here. When I move all faders to -oo (or Off for MIDI track), and then move it back, the relative values are kept. The only one case is, when I release the mouse at the position of -oo.

hi, thank you
i have tested it again
now i found out that - if you move the lowest fader all other keep the relative values even if you release at -oo
if you move any “higher” one (to -oo) the settings are lost
this seems to be a little bit better than the case i have described but to me it feels still wrong
i would like to have my settings kept until I DECIDE not to need them any more
not if the programm doesnt like them :wink:



The settings is lost at the moment, when you release the mouse. But it makes sense. At the moment, when you newly click to the faders, it detects the relations, and then it’s counted from this relation. All faders are at -oo, so the relation is, all values are equal.

Dear Martin Jirsak,

im sorry to say so, but you are wrong - as i told you (maybe it is different at your mac) here the relations are still there even if you release the mouse BUT only if you use the lowest fader
so if you find it useful that from -oo all faders should have equal values (i do not - but this maybe personal taste) ok
BUT in my opinion it could not be right, that this depends on the fader i have used befor
(if it was the lowest the settings are kept, if not the settings are lost)
this sounds like arbitrariness to me and not what i expect if im working with a professional programm
i need the settings to be kept unless i unlink the faders and i dont have any need for excuses of this behaviour and to be honest i cant see any need for that (if i want same values i have the absolute button which works perfect)
maybe im oldfashioned but in most moments of my live i like machines to do what i have told them to do
(my car should stop if i use the break not accelerate :wink:
and the relative link should keep the faders in relative position (dont want to argue that -oo is just an idea and not a real value)

Yes, I can confirm exactly the same behavior here.