MixConsole Logic: Why do we need Q-link?

It’s one of these moments where either I’m having a rare moment of clarity of thought or I’m having a stroke. Or both. :mrgreen:

We can select multiple channels, right? Why doesn’t q-link “auto-apply”? Why would I select 3 channels together if I didn’t want to solo all 3, mute all 3, or adjust the volume of all 3?

What does this logic serve? What am I missing? The only clash I have detected is with Link Groups, but once the Link Group has been created, it would apply its own linking rules. Would anything else break?


The simple answer is: Because Cubase is designed this way. You can hold down Alt+Shift to Q-Link temporarily.

I always work with Q Link on 100% of the time but whats frustrating is that when you save your Cubase project the Q Link setting is not remembered.