MixConsole looses its toolbar on resize

  1. For simplicity open workspace named “Project + MixConsole (minimal)” (of course - after you save your workspace).
  2. Activate MixConsole window and resize it vertically - drag upper edge down slowly to see what happens. You will loose toolbar and if you continue till it is gone, you will not get it back without selecting the same workspace again or selecting another.

By activating this workspace, MixConsole window size already is at its minimum according to slider’s zone minimal height. So at this point window should be unresizeable as it becomes after toolbar hides behind slider’s zone.

Tested on 9.5.20.

Confirmed. The workspace shouldn’t be part of the repro, since that wouldn’t eliminate a corrupt workspace.

New empty project
Open mixconsole
Drag top of window to resize it as small as it will go.

Toolbar is gone

Restore the toolbar by using the resetting the window layout. (Select the window in Window>Windows…, then Reset Layout)