MixConsole needs bigger screen. Checked.


Just bought new Dell 2713hm (2560x1440) IPS 27" panel. Cubase 7 mixer looks way better now. I can look at many channels at once now. Arrange page is great too. One minus is the price…it cost almost price of Cubase 7.

nothing wrong with the mixer on my Full HD 1920 x1080p …looks very slick :wink:

Before they were 2 x 21" 1680x1050. Little too small and too dark BenQ. I think your 1920x1080 maybe optimal.

jealous :imp:

I’ve seen pics and video of Cubase running on a 2560x1440 monitor and it looks so much better IMO! Besides the mixer there’s plenty of room to have inserts, sends, and channel all visible at the same time in the inspector, or have the Audio Pool, Mediabay, Channel Settings window open off to the side or bottom of the screen, etc…