MixConsole not scrolling to selected channel right

I have put the marker on “Scroll to selected channel” in the MixConsole window function menu. But when I open the MixConsole window it only scrolls properly to the left (the top tracks). If I select a high number channel (the bottom tracks) the MixConsole window only scrolls a bit to the right, but not as far as to the selected channel. Which means i have to scroll manually to the right to visualize it.

Note 1: All channels in the project are marked as “Default Channel Position” in the MixConsole Visibility Zones menu so no channels are locked to the left or right.

Note 2: I don´t really know what function “Sync Visibility of Project and MixConsole” does but I´ve tried with that marked both On and Off and it makes no difference.

Note 3: This still works fine when opening a project in C8,5 Pro, but not in my new C10 Pro.

Note 4: Have made the 10.0.30 update.

Is this a bug or what?! Anyone else experiencing this problem?


It works tome, here.

Where do you select the Channel? in the Project window? Or in the MixConsole Visibility list? Or…?

When the MixConsole window is open, could you click to the menu Window > Windows… In the Windows window select the MixConsole from the list and click to Reset Layout. The MixConsole window will close. Once you open it again, it will show up in the factory default setup. Does it work now?

The “Sync Visibility of Project and MixConsole” function is for Visibility only. So if this option is enabled and you hide a Channel in the MixConsole, the relevant track is hidden in the Project window too. And vice versa.

Hi Martin,

Thanx - but nope. I did the MixConsole Window layout reset but it still doesn´t work.

I select the channel in the Project window, for example channel 3. Then press F3 (or select Studio>MixConsole), and the MixConsole window opens with channel 3 still selected as I can see to the left. I close the MixConsole window and in the Project window instead select channel 54. Press F3 to open the MixConsole window again and now it has scrolled a bit to the right - channel 23 to 48 are visible - but has not scrolled as far as making the selected channel 54 visible. To see that I have to scroll a bit further to the right manually on the annoying thin scrolling list in the bottom of the Mixconsole window. If I then do the procedure again but selecting channel 1 it do get visible to the left in the MixConsole window. Then again - selecting channel 51 - it scrolls to the right, but not as far as to channel 51.

Of course I can zoom out to make all channels visible but on a multi-channel project the channels get very narrow in the MixConsole. But the point is that the automatic scrolling of the MixConsole window works to the left, but not to the right.

And again - when I open the project in my old Cubase 8,5 all auto-scrolling works normally both ways.


Thank you for the proper description. I can reproduce it now. Reported to Steinberg CAN-23987.

Thank you. Hoping for a bugfix then, maybe.

I think it’s a problem with Cubase not calculating the Left and Right zones. It was irritating me as well, once I disabled the left and right zones in the mixing window it started showing the right tracks. Even when using pinned channels/groups/outputs to left and right sides it works if you disable the zones ( top right of the mixer window )