MixConsole Pictures and Notes disappeared

Since upgrading to 7.04 I don’t seem to be able to see the Track Pictures or the Notepad on the MixConsole. I have activated both in the area “Set up Window Layout” but the picture and notepad sections do not appear. I have gone through the manual again and I seem to be doing it correctly. (I have also set pictures in the track list and cannot see them there either)…

As the release notes of 7.04 state :”Better handling of track pictures” I assume something has changed. In any event, I could see them before, but what can I be missing now?

Aloha s,

One work-a-round for me when the Mix Console screws up
is to use Mix Console #2 or #3.

Hope you get it sorted.

That was a good call, curteye.

When I open MixConsole 2 in the same project, there are the Pictures and Notepad just as I would expect! I am sure that I have done nothing different from the main console and if I switch between 1 and 2 the pictures and notepad continue to be in 2 but not in 1.

Surely that is a bug, isn’t it?